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What is FiberGourmet?

FiberGourmet is a trendsetting brand that creates high quality products with our exclusively patented formula.

FiberGourmet  was the first and only company to take ordinary food and swap out the unhealthy ingredients to make a healthier version by using extremely high levels of resistant starch fiber-while at the same time maintaining the delicious taste of the food that was replicated.

The FiberGourmet team has dedicated years perfecting our formulas to  create products that are just as exceptional in taste as they are health wise.

We are very passionate that our customers recognize what we realized after 2,000 experiments-that health food can be delicious and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean eating less or unappetizing food. It just means eating right.

Our Promise

All FiberGourmet products are manufactured in the USA using all natural ingredients, without artificial colors or flavors. Enjoy our irresistible products with confidence, knowing that the fiber and calories were determined by lab analysis (using a top ISO/IEC certified laboratory).

How does FG keep the net carbs and calorie levels so low?

By replacing much of the flour in ordinary products with a high-fiber, zero-calorie resistant starch, we are adding a healthy fiber, while at the same time decreasing calories and carbs.

Insoluble fiber is the indigestible part of a carbohydrate which contains zero calories because it passes straight through the digestive tract. It contains zero calories because only the digestible carbohydrate portion of a food contributes to its calories. When determining calories and net carbs, the  insoluble fiber is deducted from the total carbohydrates. Since FG products contain unprecedented amounts of insoluble fiber, our products boast an unrivaled amount of low calories and net carbs.

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